Support liability

VPS support

All our Cloud VPS services are provided with basic admin level support included. This means that we will make sure that everything that was pre-installed on VPS Server at the time of order remains operational and functional. This includes all associated hardware, Operating System and SSH root access to the server.

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Dedicated servers support

For all the Dedicated Servers that we offer either in our Amsterdam datacenter or in our partner datacenters in United States, we take liability for hardware and Internet connectivity. Support team will perform initial Operational System installation and provide you with access details. We undertake responsibility to replace hardware and reinstall OS in case of hardware failure. In any other case that may lead to OS re-installation, we will charge a 25 € re-installation fee.
We do not take any liability for the data safety or operation of your Dedicated Server after OS installation. VMFrame does not keep record of your passwords, nor it has access to your files to make any backups. We only maintain operational condition of Server's hardware and physical connection to Server's Ethernet port. In case any of your actions, intended or not, have led to Server being unaccessible, due to lost password, firewall misconfiguration, kernel panic etc. a fee of 100 €/hour will be charged for attempt to restore such access.

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Colocation Services support

Colocation services which imply that we are hosting client hardware in our racks, while supplying power and Internet connection without actual access to data and/or any software utilized on such hardware.
For colocation services our support is only responsible for correct initial installation under your guidance, cabling and power supply. Our Support is liable for:

  • Recieve your hardware in our datacenter and report about it's condition after shipping
  • Install your hardware in our rack and connect to power and Internet

Each case when you need physical presence of support staff in datacenter will be charged and dealt on case by case basis. Please note: that correct operation of hardware and data safety is under client's responsibility.

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