Dedicated servers

Dedicated hosting provides a user with separate physical server installed on a data center technical platform. Choosing this service you get at your disposal a separate physical machine fully configured by our experts and ready to work. Such kind of machine is usually used for uninterrupted functionality of those projects that cannot coexist with other projects, or have higher requirements. Dedicated host is actually a combination of two services, namely, a provision of rental physical server and its network connection according to selected conditions. This is a neat solution for those who want to save time and money on buying a server, hiring and training of technical personnel and other related costs.Show more

Dedicated Servers in USA

Monthly price
Pentium D 820 Dual Core1GB1TB SATACHARLOTTE, NC44.99 €Order>
Pentium D 925 Dual Core2GB1TB SATACHARLOTTE, NC52.99 €Order>
Xeon 3050/E6500 Dual Core2GB250GB SATACHARLOTTE, NC52.99 €Order>
Xeon 3050/E6500 Dual Core2GB250GB SATALOS ANGELES, CA52.99 €Order>
Core2Quad Q6600 Quad Core8GB1TB SATALOS ANGELES, CA74.99 €Order>
Xeon 3050/E6500 Dual Core2GB250GB SATAMIAMI, FL52.99 €Order>
Core2Quad Q6600 Quad Core8GB1TB SATAMIAMI, FL74.99 €Order>

Dedicated Servers in Europe

Monthly price
Intel Core Duo T24501GB160GB SATAAMSTERDAM, NL39 €Order>
Intel Core 2 Duo T55001GB160GB SATAAMSTERDAM, NL39 €Order>
Intel Dual-Core Xeon 30501GB160GB SATAAMSTERDAM, NL45 €Order>
Intel Dual-Core E21801GB250GB SATAAMSTERDAM, NL48 €Order>
Intel Dual-Core E21801GB250GB SATAAMSTERDAM, NL49 €Order>
Intel Dual-Core E21602GB2x 250GB SATAAMSTERDAM, NL49 €Order>
Intel Dual-Core G69504GB2x 250GB SATAAMSTERDAM, NL59 €Order>
Intel Dual-Core G8504GB2x 250GB SATAAMSTERDAM, NL59 €Order>
Intel Quad-Core Xeon X32202GB2x 250GB SATAAMSTERDAM, NL64 €Order>
Intel Quad Core Xeon X32102GB2x 250GB SATAAMSTERDAM, NL64 €Order>
Intel Quad Core X34304GB2x 500GB SATAAMSTERDAM, NL69 €Order>
Intel Quad Core X34404GB2x 500GB SATAAMSTERDAM, NL69 €Order>
Intel Quad Core Xeon E3-12308GB2x 500GB SATAAMSTERDAM, NL79 €Order>
Intel Quad Core X34304GB500GB SATAGERMANY, DE69 €Order>
Intel Quad Core X34404GB500GB SATAAMSTERDAM, NL69 €Order>
Intel Quad Core X34404GB250GB SATAAMSTERDAM, NL70 €Order>
Intel Quad Core Xeon E3-12204GB500GB SATAGERMANY, DE59 €Order>

Affordable Physical Servers

Cheap dedicated servers seeking is usually a wild-goose chase. Fortunately, now you do not have to waste whole weeks trying to find a required service for an appropriate price. VMFrame can help you to get high-quality host in a jig time! We offer our customers flexible payment rates. It means that the price of our dedicated web hosting depends on machine performance, as well as on the chosen initial server configuration. Thus there is no need to overpay for unnecessary resources. Do not miss the fair chance to get a properly configured dedicated machine at a convenient price!

European Hosting Standards

Due to the use of cutting-edge technologies VMFrame can offer you extremely robust dedicated servers in Europe. Tenaciously adhering to high European host standards we can give our customers a firm guarantee of dependability, timely software updates, daily data backup, constant operation monitoring, as well as prompt repair and system restart in the event of failure.

Dedicated Server Packages

We are glad to offer you dedicated physical servers in Netherlands located in our datacenter and dedicated servers in US datacenters from our partner BurstNET. The full list of available servers follows including location and monthly prices. Please note that server delivery time can take up to 5 days, depending on your selection.

For more information, please see Dedicated servers in Amsterdam