Dedicated servers in Amsterdam, NL

Dedicated servers for rent in Netherlands are located in several datacenters in Amsterdam, including EasyNet, EvoSwitch and GlobalSwitch. HP, DELL and other dedicated servers are available equipped with Single core, Dial-core and Quad-core Intel CPUs, DDR2 and DDR3 memory, SATA and SSD hard disks. All dedicated servers are delivered in 1 - 5 business days, depending on configuration. Custom configured dedicated servers are available on your request.

HP ProLiant DL120 Dedicated servers

HP ProLiant DL120 is 1U rack optimized entry level server. The latest generation of DL120 Generation 7 offers support for Intel® Xeon® E3, Core i-3, Pentium® and Celeron® processors with all the performance advantages of 4 cores and 2 cores.

HP ProLiant DL120 Server
DL120 G5 E2160 Dual-core 1.80GHz 2GB DDR2 2x 250GB SATA 49 € OrderOrder
DL120 G6 G6950 Dual-core 2.80GHz 4GB DDR3 2x 250GB SATA 49 € OrderOrder
DL120 G7 G850 Dual-core 2.90GHz 4GB DDR3 2x 250GB SATA 59 € OrderOrder
DL120 G5 X3220 Quad-core 2.40GHz 2GB DDR2 2x 250GB SATA 64 € OrderOrder
DL120 G5 X3210 Quad-core 2.13GHz 2GB DDR2 2x 250GB SATA 49 € OrderOrder
DL120 G6 X3430 Quad-core 2.4GHz 4GB DDR3 2x 500GB SATA 69 € OrderOrder
DL120 G6 X3440 Quad-core 2.53GHz 4GB DDR3 2x 500GB SATA 59 € OrderOrder
DL120 G7 E3-1230 Quad-core 3.20GHz 8GB DDR3 2x 500GB SATA 79 € OrderOrder

Dell PowerEdge R200 and R210 servers

The PowerEdge R200 is an enterprise-class rack server designed to maximize datacenter density and performance while reducing power consumption. Deployable in almost any environment, R210 II dedicated server has the power you need to run your business and the scalability to help it grow. Features include a full selection of Intel® Xeon® processor to meet your performance needs.

Dell PowerEdge R210 Server
PowerEdge R200 E2180 Dual-core 2.00GHz 1GB DDR2 250GB SATA 48 € OrderOrder
PowerEdge R200 E4500 Dual-core 2.20GHz 1GB DDR2 250GB SATA 49 € OrderOrder
PowerEdge R210 X3430 Quad-core 2.40GHz 4GB DDR3 2x 500GB SATA 55 € OrderOrder
PowerEdge R210 II Intel Dual-Core G530 2.40GHz 2GB DDR3 2x500GB SATA 39 € OrderOrder
PowerEdge R210 II Intel Quad Core Xeon E3-1230 V2 8GB DDR3 2x 1TB SATA 89 € OrderOrder
PowerEdge 860 3050 Dual-core 2.13GHz 1GB DDR2 160GB SATA 45 € OrderOrder