Writing Content for Website: Tips and Rules

Sometimes people unfamiliar with the specifics of writing content think that this is a five-finger exercise. However, in order to create a couple of pages of unique text, it is necessary to carry out a substantive investigation that cannot be done in 30 minutes.

Despite the fact that the direct author of the text is usually one person, a copywriter, other specialists are often involved in the production of the content too: editors, SEO masters, marketing experts, etc. To create a good text, a copywriter should know the specifics of the market, understand the ways and possibilities for promotion in search engines and advertising, and, finally, merge all this together and make it work.

Regardless of the subject of the article, the work on its creation includes 4 stages:

  1. Preparation: this is the analysis stage that involves the study of the market, target audience determination, and investigation of the competitive environment. Based on this information, you can get a common understanding of what you want to see in the result.
  2. Elaboration of technical assignment: at this stage it is necessary to determine an optimal way this result can be achieved in. Here, the work of a SEO specialist is essential. Based on request analysis and its comparison with the semantic cores, SEO master creates a plan of content.
  3. Writing: the next stage is the writing of the article itself. It is very good if the subject is close to the author. In other case you should spend extra time to probe deep into the matter.
  4. Editing: at this stage, an editor checks if content is compliant with the technical assignment and corresponds the tasks. Also it is important to carry out stylistic and grammatical error analysis.

Modern copywriting is a complex and multi-component process that requires the participation of specialists in several areas.