Why is it important to Back up your site?

Imagine a situation: every single day you toil and moil over your site or blog, add new content, refine the design, and suddenly at some instant all your work done fails because of:

-       unintended deletion or modification of the file;

-       failed update of your favorite CMS;

-       uploading wrong or old files to your website home dir;

-       mess with git-hub repository and versions;

-       act of war or developer sabotage;

-       the hard disk wreck;

-       operating system malfunction;

-       hacker attack against your website.

In order to save the information and your peace of mind it is strongly recommended to backup your files regularly.

Backup is a process of making a copy of files, databases, and other items of data. Backups are used to quickly deploy a site on the new hosting platform or to restore it after it was lost or damaged.

If new information appears on your site every day, it is advisable to make daily site backups, or at least to make a copy of a database every day and copy all the files once a week. If your site content is updated infrequently, then you can back up it once per week, at least once every 2 weeks.

Many hosting companies carry out daily backups automatically, but it is more reliable to backup the site yourself and store data on own steadfast computer. Files can be copied from the site with the help of Filezilla – a convenient FTP manager. VPS users having cPanel or ISPmanager can perform this procedure using the command line.

Making regular backups is a firm guarantee you will always have the actual site and database copy in case of any emergency. Thus, site backups make webmasters’ life easier, and saves a lot of time and nerves.