Why Is a Thank You Page So Important to Small Business

It became a common truth that after making an order a customer should be automatically transferred to the ‘Thank you’ page. Here they see a message about the successful purchase and the gratitude for attention to your store. But this is not all that this page is capable of. Let’s discuss what content can also be placed here.

Why does your site need a Thank You page?

1. Conversion analysis. Every time a Thank You page loads you get valuable information about the conversion on your site. To get this data, you must set up goals in Google Analytics.

2. Confirmation of an order. The Thank You page confirms that the form the user filled out has been successfully processed. People like to receive confirmation that everything went well and the action is completed after they make a purchase on the site or perform any other action. Of course, you can send an e-mail to confirm a purchase or subscription, but instant confirmation right on the site is much better.

3. Return of customers. It is important to motivate users to come back to your site, as the probability of selling to them is much higher. The Thank you page is a great way to express gratitude for the purchase and also to make a call to re-visit the site. You can also use there:

  • Call to action button;
  • Social networks buttons to share information with friends;
  • The subscription widget for your news in social networks;
  • Links to useful content on your site (posts in blogs, videos, webinars);
  • Some bonus (promotional code for a discount, a free trial or a gift, etc.).

4. Surveys. Ask your customers if they like your goods/services, what content they would like to see on the site, etc. By collecting such data, you will be able to understand how to build a marketing strategy in the future.

It is necessary to treat the Thank You page as an instrument of influence and motivation for repeated purchases.