Why Call to Action Is Important

The right words, pushing a visitor to action, make a website content really effective. After all, you should not just say something to users, but also convert visits into some results.

Call to action (CTA) is one of the key elements of the modern internet marketing. How does it work?

An expert has two main tasks: to attract visitors to a website and to convert them into customers then. Typically, to achieve these goals, various selling words and phrases that motivate the user to perform some conversion actions are used. All conversion actions (navigate, create an account, purchase, subscribe, and so on) are added to the sales funnel, and it ultimately makes the visitor to take a keen interest in the company and its goods.

In any particular case different words should be used. To achieve the best effect, A/B tests are recommended. There are a few tips that will help you formulate a call to action correctly and effectively.

  • Intensify your CTA; for example, you can complement the button with a short text above or below it. Use images and other visual methods of amplification.
  • Set limits; for instance, your offer may be valid only for a certain period, or just for a certain number of users.
  • Explain benefits; it can be a bonus, a discount or just an explanation of advantages people receive buying your product or service. Often sales performance does not increase just because potential customers do not understand the profit they get, so explain why they should make a purchase in this online store.

Note that CTA quality directly affects the conversion. Thus, even a large attendance is in vain, if there are no calls to action on the site, or they are too weak or incorrect. However, you must avoid the extremes, because too intrusive CTA may simply repulse potential customers.