What to Do If No Items Found: 5 Ways to Optimize Your Search Result

‘No items found’ page is a common thing as people are often mistaken. The main task for you is to handle this situation well.

In some cases, even the best search engines cannot answer a search query. Sometimes the site does not have the needed product, and other times the request is not clearly stated, so it is impossible to find relevant results.

Basically, it doesn’t matter why the user gets ‘No items found’. If there is no useful information on this page, there are two scenarios:

  • The user tries to change the search strategy: to set new requests, use category navigation, etc. But this is a long shot, and there is no guarantee the new strategy is successful.
  • Users simply leave your site, google the needed stuff, and almost certainly find what they are looking for in another store.

We offer 5 ways to help your visitors get a good experience from ‘No items found’ page.

  1. Offer related product categories. On a page with no search result, you can show one or more product categories where the visitor may find what they are looking for.
  2. Alternative requests. If the user sends puzzling queries, the search engine can offer an alternative. As a rule, the system simplifies such requests ignoring the “extra” words on the fly.
  3. Customer support chat or other feedback methods. Visitors tend to use the chat widget rather than call the store. Still, all your contact details must be placed on the ‘No items found’ page, so they see they can get help.
  4. Popular products. This is an opportunity to demonstrate you have something attractive on your site. Besides, the “other people also buy” motivation still works quite well.
  5. Contextual advertising. Putting a third party advertisement on the page with no results can be a good monetization method. If you use a reliable search algorithm, you don’t lose anything.