Website Redesign: Importance and Relevance of a Procedure

In previous article, we have discussed general approaches of website redesign. Here we are going to investigate core goals of this procedure.

What exactly is the purpose of the site redesign and refinement? Is it worth spending money, or is it just an entertainment for your self-esteem? The modernization is of great importance for further site promotion. Here are the main points that indicate close connection of redesign and promotion:

  • Improving the first impression of visitors about your company, extra points to your positive image. You can advertise a product or service on the radio as much as you like, arrange promotions, distribute flyers, and give discounts to regular customers. But if the online resource is dime-a-dozen, then all your efforts ultimately come to nothing.
  • Psychological factor. Bright design allows you to concentrate user’s attention on important details (which is why offers for discounts or sales are often made in bright yellow, orange, or red tones).
  • Increasing session duration on your website. Interesting content makes users stay longer on your site and examine the page more thoughtfully. As a result, you can increase users’ trust and set friendly relations.

The costs spent for website redesign pay its way, assuming you perform in-depth analysis beforehand. Experts advise to redesign your site in such cases:

  1. Continuous reduction of user visits, poor conversion.
  2. Technical errors that irritate potential buyers instead of enjoying them. Even one broken link can lead to the loss of customers.
  3. Tricky navigation.
  4. Changes in corporate identity.
  5.  Target audience extension or change.
  6. Site obsolescence. If resource exists 4-5 years with no updates, now is the right time to change it.

Redesigning a site means taking care of daily revenue growth. Today, people make various purchases on the Internet: home-delivered food or beverages, clothes and shoes, toys, accessories, furniture, and also services like home repair, and so on. It’s time to learn new horizons!