Website Redesign Basics

Updating your electronic catalog of goods or services is an integral part of competitive battle. If you want to hold your ground, and stay the best in your brunch, then you have to work diligently to ensure your website is both convenient and outstanding.

According to professionals, site redesign and modification are closely linked processes. In practice, this means a thorough analysis and planning, soft spots revealing and implementation of any improvements. There are many things to improve, for instance:

  • You can change main color scheme and change the scale of images in catalog.
  • You can add useful infographics (e.g. animated pictures that come to life when users hover a cursor over them);
  • Publish new texts (descriptions with keywords, recommendations and other content that provide customers with useful information).
  • Site structure can also be improved (you can create new sections, folders, and so on).
  • Think about navigation on your site, try to make it as clear as possible (so that even a person with weak computer skills can quickly understand it).
  • You can also link or relink website pages, and much more.

The average price of website redesign is usually within reasonable bounds. Anyway, there are cases you’d better pour cash into these improvements, experts say:

  • It is necessary to do once in 3-5 years (to imbed latest innovations and keep pace with the times);
  • If the website does not bring the expected results (no profit or sales growth, high bounce rate, etc.);
  • If you want to get in the top of search engine results and stay there for a long time.