Web Design Color Trends 2019: Psychological and Cultural Aspects

Seeking to increase the conversion of sites, modern companies try to use a variety of methods and techniques. One of the decisive factors is the selection of color. You should never forget about the strong psychological impact that color scheme of the site can have on visitors.

The phenomenon of visual thinking and psychology of color perception has not been studied in great detail. Despite this, there are some rules of coloristics that form every color trend. In order not to make mistakes in the site’s design and marketing strategy, you need to first learn the basics of using certain colors in the web design.

Of course, there is no common recipe for clever colors usage in website design. However, you should know the classic associative series concerned with different shades. You can use this information competently in the context of your website, its goals, and the specifics of the business itself.

Researchers undertook an analysis of color trends and associations that specific colors evoke. Note that results are relevant for people of Western culture. So, here are some fundamental aspects that can help you apply current trends thoroughly.

  • Red is the most stimulating color. It is often used for important announcements, warnings, etc. If you do not want to cause increased user aggression, choose moderate shades of red.
  • Orange color is associated with youth, energy and drive. This is one of the most soothing warm tones.
  • Yellow is a versatile warm color that conveys positive emotions without excessive sharpness and roughness.
  • Green is associated with calmness, positive emotions, relaxation. The stable atmosphere created by this color is great for those companies that consider certainty as one of their main priorities.
  • Blue in design is synonymous with security and reliability. However, its message also largely depends on the shade. For example, light tones of blue are traditionally associated with friendliness, and dark ones represent some kind of sadness or restraint.

As a rule, current trends take these aspects into account and follow them. In 2019, nothing changes.