Trigger Mailing: Basic Scenarios and Tips

In previous article, we have discussed the fundamentals of trigger mailing marketing. Here we will tell you about ways to return the user on your site using personalized mailing.

This list of scenarios and tips actually is basic, and you can develop many more different scenarios. Each business has lots of individual triggers to create marketing mailing. But remember: flooding subscribers with messages is a bad style – choose triggers thoroughly so that users do not come under pressure.

  1. Welcome messages. Send users a welcome letter after they register or leave personal details. Here you can thank for subscribing or registering, briefly recall who you are, and what you can be useful for. You can add some links to landing pages there.
  2. Unfinished actions. This scenario includes messages that aim to remind user of the basket abandoned on your site, the cards of goods they look through recently, etc. To make a reminder message more attractive, offer users bonuses, discounts or gifts.
  3. Item status changed. This scenario includes letters that tell customers that the product is available again, becomes cheaper or out of the stock soon. Probably, the new lot of a product will not arrive soon, or goods actually are taken out from production – you can offer a good discount on the leftovers though.
  4. Order status. The buyer receives a letter with the status of the order, information on successful payment, and so on. The email may also contain gratitude for the choice, order number, date, item list, total order amount, terms of delivery, etc.  At each significant stage of the order, the buyer may receive email notices: the order is ready, delivered, etc.
  5. After the purchase. Together with the order status message, you can send a letter with the offer of additional services. A few days after the order is completed, you can offer the customer to evaluate the quality of your service. This shows your attention to your clients.

Analyze conversion rate. This will help identify ineffective campaigns and adjust the strategy. Exclude any spam – send letters only on your own contact database. Do not sacrifice the image for a dubious result.