Tips for Designing Usable Registration Form

Most web sites spend lots of money to attract users and to make them register. But what do visitors see when they open a registration form? Usually they see a frightening obstacle course they must overcome in order to register. The more complex is the registration form, the more likely a visitor will leave your site. Let’s discuss the most pressing problems:

  • Captcha. Captcha is really necessary thing that saves your time on moderation. But sometimes captcha is too complex to understand and looks like a mess, not symbols.
  • Too much information. Looking to a huge form twenty fields long, users just want to ask the creators ‘Seriously, why do you need this information about me?’. Usually, e-mail is enough for registration; the rest of requested information subsequently is not used. Do not make visitors waste their time on filling the information no one needs.
  • Tangled rules of service. Opening too long list of rules, users do not probably read them, but simply put a tick, and then unwittingly break the rules of service.
  • Confirmation by email. It is better to avoid it if it has no functional significance.

How to check your registration form? There is one simple method:

  1. Open your form and complete it 10 times successively.
  2. Write down all things you feel discontent about.
  3. Correct them.

As you can see, it is pretty easy to create user-friendly registration form for your site. Remember: the simpler it is, the more likely visitor will complete it.