Tips for Creating a Perfect Product Page

On most of e-commerce sites, the product description is placed at the bottom of the page, while users are interested in detailed information on product in the first place. As confirmed by the statistics, the vast majority of new website visitors look for product specifications and descriptions even if there are beautiful product photos of very high quality. It is not surprising: the more detailed the description is, the fewer questions the potential buyer has.

The product page should include the following:

  1. Product name; it should be short and easy to perceive, and contain keywords.
  2. Product shticks; most products have a few distinctive features important for the buyer. To increase the probability of sale, they should be mentioned in the description.
  3. Images; show your product from all angles, and be sure the potential buyer can understand how to use the offered products looking at its images.
  4. Reviews and comments; feedback from previous customers, a simple ranking or just some information about the awards strengthen the confidence of potential client, and additionally motivate them to make a purchase.

The observance of these simple rules helps to improve the conversion of product pages, and to lower the bounce rate. And remember: a detailed description informs the user about the value of the product right at the moment of studying its characteristics and design. That is why well-written description supplemented with photographs increases the purchase probability.