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Centralized Monitoring with Munin

As a rule, to solve problems of the server you need to know what happened to it before. Here, monitoring systems come to the rescue. Today there is a wide range of useful monitoring systems (and Nagios is regarded to be the most popular one). Among them Munin should be marked out.

Munin is convenient and easy-to-configure tool of server performance monitoring. It has a large number of useful plug-ins available right away after installing. Its extensible functionality allows to monitor virtually every server characteristic: load average, network, CPU loading, memory usage, postfix, exim4, mysql and many more. More →

Things to know about managed and unmanaged VPS

Due to its robustness and flexibility VPS is one of the most popular internet services. Root access to server, own IP-address and port, full control over software, processes, and files… such a huge list of advantages makes VPS a real tidbit for web-developers. For all that VPS suffers from one shortcoming – its administration is quite complicated and time-consuming. It is clear that inexperienced users are usually confronted by difficulties concerning VPS management. That is why VPS host is subdivided into two types: managed and unmanaged. More →

Comparing Shared, VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting

In this article we are going to provide a thorough description of hosting services features and make objective recommendations that can help you in choosing the most appropriate hosting type.

What is a Shared Hosting

Shared hosting implies one server resources allocation among several sites; that is why it is the cheapest and the most widespread hosting type. Shared hosting is good for “light” projects not requiring large amount of system resources.

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Pros and Cons of Cloud VPS Hosting

Cloud Hosting Basic information:

Cloud services did not make great progress until recently, thus, they were available only to advanced users. Nowadays, due to Global Network wide spread occurrence, this technology is easily accessible to beginners just like to professionals.

Host service is one of the most called-for services on the Internet. Until recently webhost was subdivided into three types: dedicated server (separate machine), VPS (virtual private server), and virtual host (a great number of sites allocated on the one server). Today cloud host actively supplants the other three types. More →

Becoming a good web-developer

In the virtual reality age there is a fair chance to get a profit on the Global Network. That is why each self-respecting company longs to create its own website. In consequence these firms and companies need to find a high-skilled web-designer. In consideration of this situation web-developer expert is an essential need of every site-owner.

Long-term education is not a precondition of becoming a good web-developer. You can attend web-design courses instead of entering the university. But note that a period of really worthwhile courses apprenticeship is two years at least. A few-months courses showing promise to teach you everything are just a waste of money and time.

Although web-design is not an easy business it could be learned without a teacher. Every beginner naturally has lots of questions: what programs should be learned, how to acquire knowledge and to gain wide experience, in what way projects should be submitted, etc. Using following tips you can markedly improve your web-developing skills. More →