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How to Conduct Usability Audit: Tips and Tricks

Usability of a site is a degree of its convenience for users. If a site has a good usability, a person will quickly receive the necessary information and perform the targeted action. To understand how comfortable your site is, you need to audit its usability. Here, you can learn how to do it.

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Shopping Cart Usability Analysis

According to statistics, about 80% of shopping cart conversions do not end with purchases. Such a high bounce rate has many reasons: some people are not ready to make an order right now and postpone it, someone finds the delivery too expensive, other customers need more information about the product they are looking for, etc. Thoroughly thought out shopping cart that offers information and assistance can reduce the bounce rate.

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Website Navigation: Design and Usability Tips

Navigation is the most commonly used element of the site. Despite that fact, there are no straight common rules of navigation design. Everyone is free to organize it in their own way: simple and short, layered (with a complex and branched structure), or non-standard.

Unfortunately, it is not so easy to make site navigation clear and easy-to-use, because More →

How Does Usability Affect Conversion?

 The simplicity and convenience of particular site elements and navigation directly affect the conversion and user loyalty. Useful content and exclusive design obviously cannot help to attract potential customers and convert visits into calls, requests and purchase, if the interface is too hard to perceive or navigation is inconvenient.

Smart usability is the key to a high conversion without increasing traffic volume; More →