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Migrating To HTTPS: FAQ and Common Concerns

My site uses HTTP, and everything is fine. Why do I need HTTPS?

Search engines are paying particular attention to data transmission security. More than 50% of top 10 sites use HTTPS (even more than 60% for high frequency sites). In a year or two, this proportion will be close to 100%. In order not to lose an advantage over competitors, you need to hurry up and migrate to HTTPS.

I understand that HTTPS is crucial for online shops and services that use personal data. But I have an ordinary online business card – what data do I need to encrypt?

The browser history is also confidential information that can be used by intruders. Furthermore, browsers mark HTTP results as unsafe. This will surely affect your position in search results, even if it’s just a business card.

Does migration to HTTPS lead to traffic drop?

Yes, it can happen. But if everything is done according to the instructions, then the traffic drawdown is minimal. As a rule, traffic grows a little after migration. It is recommended to move to HTTPS in off season – then you can fully restore the positions by the time demand increases.

Can I transfer to HTTPS just some part of the site (e.g. personal account and payment pages)?

Yes, you can, and webmaster often did so several years ago. But to ensure full protection of connections and gain higher positions in search results, it is recommended to move the whole site to HTTPS.

Does HTTPS protect the site from hacking?

HTTPS only provides the security of data transmission. There are other ways to protect the database and site files from hacking.

Infographic as a Way to Drive Traffic

Infographic (also known as data visualization or information design) is a relatively new phenomenon, based on the theory that studies the regularities of visual perception. It is a graphical way of presenting information, data or knowledge, the purpose of which is the rapid and clear presentation of a complex piece of information. Simply put, it present the data in a structured way through graphs, charts, maps and visual stories without having to read large amounts of text. More →

What is global traffic management?

Administrators of heavy traffic websites often face the need to balance server operation to cope with traffic fluctuations. Sometimes the site gets more requests than the server is able to handle. As a result, users trying to access the site receive a discouraging message like ‘Server is not working’. Potential customers hardly return on annoyingly ‘slow-moving’ site where the visitor has to wait for the server reaction for a long time. As you can see, such overloading leads to server capacities decrease, software and hardware outages, and site attendance decline.

Global traffic management is aimed to balance client requests across servers. In this case additional servers are set on the network to distribute incoming requests, and the system redirects the client to a particular server. Thus More →