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General Guidelines: How to Help Search Engines Find and Understand Your Pages

When a user is looking for something on the Internet, they enter a search query, in response to which search engines offer a list of suitable pages.

But how does the search engine determine their relevance? One of the factors is the correspondence of the text on the page to the query being entered. By placing keywords, people let search engines understand that this is the information a user is interested in. More →

How Does a Site Work: 9 Questions You Hesitate to Ask (Part 2)

Do I need a hefty server for a site?

You need a server, of course. But usually site owners buy computing power from third-party companies. This service is called hosting. Today there are lots of companies providing hosting services with different prices, equipment and Internet speed in datacenters (special buildings where server equipment is installed). If you need hosting for a simple site, you usually buy so-called More →