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How to Prepare a Blog Article for Publication: Working With Text

Have you hired a skilled copywriter for creating effective texts? Great, but this is only half the battle as finished articles have to be “fully packaged”: this includes proofreading and editing the text, adding images, writing messages and liners for social networks, etc.

In this series, we will go through all stages of raw material processing and show you what tools and approaches can help you not to waste useful content. The first chapter is devoted to working with the text itself. More →

What Are Breadcrumbs And How Do They Improve Your Site?

Breadcrumbs are a navigation chain on the site that shows the path from the current page back to the home page. They were first used in file managers such as Norton Commander and showed the path to the root folder. Why do people use this duplicate navigation on the site? How does it affect usability? How to implement it? Find answers to the most popular questions about breadcrumbs in our new article. More →

Important HTTP Status Codes for SEO

We have discussed how to choose the optimal redirect type earlier. However, in addition to traditional redirects you can also find two assistive HTTP status codes. They are essential in the daily site support. 410 and 451 codes mean that some information was previously placed here, but it is no longer available. More →

Short-term SEO: Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Many customers of SEO companies prefer to conclude short-term contracts to ‘try’ agency services. What is the reason of such a desire?

  • Many are skeptical because they had negative experiences with unscrupulous contractors.
  • Some SEO companies prefer flexibility and try not to enter into long-term contracts.
  • Customers often do not fully understand the essence and the purpose of SEO and are not sure whether it would be useful when ordering service. More →