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Instagram in a Nutshell: How to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Opinion Leader Promotion?

When the desired profile is found, look at the number of subscribers, the ratio of subscribers and likes, and the number of comments. Check out a couple of posts to see if there are any bots, pay attention to the general view and the quality of the content. If it is ok at first glance, message the blogger and ask for the account statistics and the price. More →

What Is Anchor Link and How to Use It in Website Promotion?

Links are one of the fundamental factors of site ranking in SERP. Each link has its own anchor: this is the text users see. Ideally, it should be clear from that text where this or that link leads. Key phrases are used as anchors. Everything seems to be simple, but in writing anchors there are some nuances that can reduce the progress.

Anchors have two major functions: More →

Content Marketing Pitfalls

Content marketing is still not an entirely understandable channel for business promotion. We strongly recommend that you pay close attention to the texts on your sites. First of all, they should be useful to visitors. Search engines strictly monitor the quality of texts, so do not delay content optimization for tomorrow.

Ordering content marketing services, the client expects to pay money and get the quick result. However, expectations and reality often diverge. Let’s think why this happens. More →

How to Evaluate Promotional Effectiveness?

In the process of website promotion it is important to know by what criteria to evaluate the effectiveness. Often simple metrics such as ranking or traffic are used. It could seem that the higher the visibility and attendance of the site is, the better. But the big traffic and high ranking cannot always guarantee conversions and leads. Therefore, we offer a checklist, which can help you to measure actual effectiveness of website promotion. More →