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Tips to Double Landing Page Conversion

Everybody knows that increasing the conversion rate is directly proportional to the increasing income. In order to achieve a positive result, it is necessary to conduct a series of tests and to make certain improvements to the landing page, and soon the percentage of conversion will grow. Today, there are four methods that can help to double landing page conversion through the integrated approach. More →

How to Create an Effective Landing Page

Frankly speaking, creating an effective landing page is quite a difficult task. Just imagine: you have to strike a balance between information content, creativity and selling capacity within a few scrolling screens. We offer you the most complete guide to creating a productive LP.

Landing page is usually used to drive traffic and suggests the visitor performs particular actions leading to conversion. Ideally it should be one action for the entire page: More →

Common Landing Page Myths

Much has been said about the efficiency of a popular internet marketing tool known as a landing page. Unfortunately, such a keen interest to this tool is an inexhaustible source of myths many customers still believe in. Let’s work through these myths thoroughly to get a more realistic representation of landing page functionality. More →

Landing Page Structure

High-quality landing page is designed to attract the attention of a potential customer, to answer their questions, and bring the visitor to the target action (ordering, purchasing, consulting, etc). To produce the desired effect, this page should have a certain internal structure. Information must be provided succinctly and gradually, therefore it is necessary to remember the rules the structure of landing page is based on. More →

Common Landing Page Problems

Internet projects use landing pages to engage site visitors in a conversion scenario.  But very often landing pages yield no expected results because of several typical mistakes. Fix them, and you will greatly enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

  • Boring header. Headline is the first thing your visitor sees on the page. Thus, it is your chance to to explain your intentions, arouse your clients’ interest, and motivate them to stay on the site. More →