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How to Improve Page Loading Speed

It is no secret that the page loading speed strongly affects many factors. Everyone knows this old truth: the faster your site loads the more visitors you can get. But today the fact whether the visitor waits until the site uploads or not is not the only important thing you have to keep in mind. The whole point is that many modern search engines consider the loading speed while ranking sites, so it can deeply influence your site’s search performance. This article contains some tips on how to increase the loading speed of web pages and the whole site. More →

Benefits of using CakePHP framework

CakePHP is a free open source PHP framework for rapid web-application development that provides you with all necessary tools making your application logical. In such a way it releases you from monotonous work in website development. Instead of re-inventing the wheel each time you create a site you can just make a CakePHP copy with the new project-specific settings.

Generally, experienced users identify the following advantages: More →

Why to use Bower?

Package managers simplify the installation and update of project dependencies (third-party libraries used in the project). Instead of visiting library website, downloading and unpacking archives, and copying files to the project you can just use a pair of commands in the terminal.

Bower is an open source package manager for Javascript libraries created by Twitter team. In fact, it is nonstandard Javascript package manager, but it is the most popular one: now it has more than 11,000 packets. Bower does not impose its build system and methods of connecting the library on users and package developers. It sets the appropriate versions of necessary packages along with their dependencies. In other words, it just loads the necessary libraries and everything you need to run them in a special folder. The rest is up to you. But why not to use NPM instead? More →