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What are branded keywords?

Branded keywords are search queries that consist of the name of the brand or company without any clarification. Mercedes, Chanel, Sony and other similar requests are referred as branded keywords.

Search engines cannot accurately determine for what purpose the user makes such a request. A person may want to buy a Mercedes, find the nearest dealer, read the history of the brand or just watch photos. Therefore, some search engines seek to display More →

User Behavior in Information Search Process

Not so long ago, to find necessary information on the Internet, user had to send a request to one of the top search engines through a desktop computer or laptop. Today, the process of finding information is bound neither to a single device, nor to one or two search engines. Modern user has multiple devices constantly connected to the Internet, and increasingly seeks for information not through global search engines but on specialized sites.

Here, the main characteristics of modern user behavior in the process of finding relevant information are listed. More →