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Reasons to use Magento

Today e-commerce is attracting a growing number of people. Due to the Internet popularity, developing companies can safely withstand competition with larger and more successful ones. Selling goods online gives you the opportunity to minimize costs, expand into new markets, and attract more consumers.

But first it is necessary to supply the process of site development. Of course, this task is directly linked with software. Magento e-commerce system is one of the best boxed solutions in such a case. Magento is a completely free open source CMS specifically designed for online store development and support. Nowadays it is one of the most popular e-commerce engines in the world due to its flexible functions, namely: More →

HTML or PHP on CMS website. Pros and cons

Initially all the websites were created with the help of HTML. Today it is also popular to create sites on PHP technology. So what is the difference between them? Let’s examine pros and cons of these script languages.

HTML website pros:

  1. HTML is perfect for small companies’ sites. HTML is also useful for creating web business cards with no dynamic content or for those pages which are not going to be updated after creation.
  2. Due to light weight as well as fast loading these sites are very easy to be found in search engines. They are simple and minimalistic, which are not the least of the factors as it is difficult to get lost on such sites.
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Before looking for a web-hosting – list of things to know

In point of fact, a site is strong foundation of all commercial activity on the Internet. That is why own website is a real must-have for every solid company. Of course, a question of hosting search must be approached carefully and considerately.

Buying host at random will inevitably entail serious consequences. There is a number of determining factors you have to take into consideration while looking for webhosting. So the main criteria that should have an influence upon your choice are:

  • full and truthful information about provider and offered services. It should be found on a host company official site;
  • availability and accessibility of technical support ready and willing to provide users with required information; More →