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Best hosting package for a start-up company

On the first stage of any startup it is greatly important to minimize any initial costs. That is why seeking for VPS that can satisfy all needs of a startup project, on the one hand, and brings a fair price, on the other hand, is a monumental task for every startup developer.

Have no ideas how to reduce costs and increase project efficiency right from the very start? VMFrame.com is always ready to lend a helping hand! If you want to carry out a new ambitious project, we offer you a range of services to help you reliably host your website! More →

The different types of web hosting

Today it’s becoming more and more important to have an online presence as a business. It’s how people are shopping! They’re jumping on the internet and seeking out the best deals but if you’re not there, you aren’t going to struggle to stay afloat.

So as your online world starts to grow you’re going to have to start looking further and further into hosting.

This can be daunting for anyone uninitiated or not so tech-savvy. In this post we go back to basics to explain the different types of web hosting available today. More →

Tips: how VMFrame blog can help you

On the Internet there are thousands of different blogs oriented towards certain subject. People got having a blog into the habit so very fast they are unable to abandon it now. Blog is a really excellent instrument which can be used for for easy communication and rapid transmission of required information. As for our blog, here you can easily find important expert tips concerning host or information safety. Here, the information that can help to examine complex terms and situations is stored.

One of the main advantages of visiting a blog is a nice opportunity to meet like-minded people or prospective clients. For example, on VMFrame blog you can discuss urgent questions concerning storing information with security with people who share your views and ideas and find interesting opposite views to this topic. More →

Cheap web hosting companies – do they really exist?

Nowadays, every solid firm or organization tries to acquire its own website to attract more customers on the Global Network. It is clear that each site owner seeks for cheap host in the hope to save some money.  Naturally you need patience and time to find a provider that offers low-cost web-hosting packages with good functionality.

Actually it’s quite possible to find an affordable webhost that meets all your requirements. In practice, high price of host service is not a guarantee of its quality and robustness. In view of the aforesaid, let’s enumerate the main criteria you should take into account while looking for a reliable host company. More →