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Piwik pros and cons

Piwik is an open source web analytics system positioned as a free Google Analytics alternative. This OpenX child project is an alternate open source contextual server that can replace Google Ad Manager.

The main difference between Piwik and other analytical systems used by webmasters to collect and analyze information about the sites is that it is placed on your own server instead of using third-party resources (like Google, Bing, etc.). It is entirely at your disposal! More →

Why is it important to track site statistics?

There are many reasons why server statistical data collecting and monitoring is essential. In this brief article we are going to review some basic reasons and instruments.

First of all, properly collected site statistics is a huge competitive advantage. Your site data can easily show you the efficiency of advertisement and Internet activity. Moreover, it is very helpful if you are looking for marketing strategy development prospects. Having all this information you can spend money only in case it is really beneficial, increase site profit, and outdo all your competitors.

In addition, statistics tracking can help you to determine which web-pages are not good enough or just ineffective. More →

Using analytics tools for tracking your site

Nowadays the Internet leaps forward, and the main motive power of its development is business that presses towards obtaining new sales through online advertising. It raises the question of efficient allocation and use of limited advertising budget. That is why web analytics tools should be used to define key performance indicators and timely adjust the advertising strategy. More →