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FTP, SFTP, FTPS: what is the difference?

Network protocol is a set of rules that allows to connect and exchange the data between several network enabled devices. Nowadays there are many popular network protocols, but this article is devoted to FTP and its safe releases, SFTP and FTPS.

FTP (or File Transfer Protocol) is data transfer protocol that uses a special file server that allows users to exchange text and binary files with any networked computer. After connection is set the user can upload files to the remote machine and download data to his/her local computer.

Created in 1971, FTP is one of the oldest application protocols More →

Important tips to know about WordPress update process

Instructions on how to update your WordPress site using FTP mode:

  1. Open public_html folder using FTP mode.  That is the root directory where wordpress CMS was installed.
  2. Pre-make a fresh copy of the database.
  3. Make a backup of all the files located in the root directory in the event if something goes wrong. As “WP-Content” folder can contain a lot of graphics and large files, as well as your current theme and customized plug-ins, it may remain uncopied. Remove the folder  “wp-admin” containing the old version files and fill up with a fresh version in the same place in root directory (new version can be found on the official site).
  4. Delete this folder and refill it up as “wp-includes”. More →