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How to Improve Page Loading Speed

It is no secret that the page loading speed strongly affects many factors. Everyone knows this old truth: the faster your site loads the more visitors you can get. But today the fact whether the visitor waits until the site uploads or not is not the only important thing you have to keep in mind. The whole point is that many modern search engines consider the loading speed while ranking sites, so it can deeply influence your site’s search performance. This article contains some tips on how to increase the loading speed of web pages and the whole site. More →

What Is Cross-Browser Compatibility?

To view the web site, visitors use special programs called browsers. Today the number of such programs runs into tens, especially considering that each of them has several versions different in functionality.

For that reason the notion of cross-browser compatibility was developed. It describes the property of the site to be identically displayed in all browsers (usually only the most common ones are considered). Here, identity is understood as correct layout and the ability to display content with the same readability degree. This concept is often confused with per-pixel matching, but that is actually not the same. More →

Benefits of CSS Preprocessors

CSS preprocessor is software that processes its input data and produces output applicative to another program input. This software was created with the sole purpose of adding a CSS style sheet strength and flexibility at once without disrupting cross-browser. All preprocessors compile their syntax in standard CSS code understandable to any browser, no matter how old it is.

Preprocessors have many useful features and in this article we are going to examine some of them.

  • The syntax is very important part of CSS coding; luckily, the most popular programs like Sass and LESS have standard CSS syntax. This makes the task of code converting simple and fast. More →