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What Are Widgets and How to Use Them Effectively

The traffic attracted to your site costs a lot of effort and money, so it is important to convert as many site visitors as possible to clients, or better – regular customers. At least, you can gather user contacts for further interaction. Widgets can easily cope with this task. Pop-up windows help you to create an interactive site that can guess the desires of users and to provide useful information at the right time. More →

What Is Hidden In the Crowd: a Few Crowd Marketing Tips

Crowd marketing is an Internet technology of advertising goods or brands through recommendations and customer reviews published on thematic forums, blogs and portals.

Such comments and reviews may (or may not) contain a backlink to the site. This type of advertising comes from ordinary users of forums, question-answer services, etc., who tell a story about particular goods/service/company. A user can also be a topic starter and More →

Conversion tips: how to turn visitors into customers

Attracting visitors to the site is only half the battle. It is important to keep people and motivate them to perform the targeted action (buy the product, order the service, pay for the subscription, install the application, etc.). If you are planning to invest in advertising, first analyze your website and marketing strategy: can they provide sufficient conversion? Do not know what to look for in the analysis? We will tell you what is important to consider for turning visitors into customers. More →

Tips to Double Landing Page Conversion

Everybody knows that increasing the conversion rate is directly proportional to the increasing income. In order to achieve a positive result, it is necessary to conduct a series of tests and to make certain improvements to the landing page, and soon the percentage of conversion will grow. Today, there are four methods that can help to double landing page conversion through the integrated approach. More →

How Does Usability Affect Conversion?

 The simplicity and convenience of particular site elements and navigation directly affect the conversion and user loyalty. Useful content and exclusive design obviously cannot help to attract potential customers and convert visits into calls, requests and purchase, if the interface is too hard to perceive or navigation is inconvenient.

Smart usability is the key to a high conversion without increasing traffic volume; More →