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What is colocation data center

Often large companies with costly equipment do not have an appropriate place for its installation. Moreover, it takes much time and money to organize a room with all the necessary characteristics. Luckily, in such a case hosting providers can place your equipment in their datacenters. Colocation is a popular and asked-for service which allows user get a high level of control over hardware and software without significant capital inputs into own data center organization. More →

Colocation advantages and disadvantages

Colocation is a placement and maintenance of customer’s equipment (i.e. servers) in host provider’s data center. This type of host service helps to appreciably save money and time on communication channel between provider and customer. As a rule, such hosting service is suitable for extremely large web projects with high traffic.

Definite colocation advantages over the rest of host services lay a solid foundation for huge website functionality. Let’s examine all the pros and cons of this service in details. The pros are: More →

Amsterdam colocation data center

Any web project development directly depends on quality of the selected hosting services. That is why every website owner should carefully check every hosting company and weigh all the pros and cons, especially it concerns colocation solutions because you have to be fully confident of company that will place your expensive equipment. Colocation is perfect solution for experienced clients who have own costly equipment but do not want to spend time and money on own server room organization. In such a case, European colocation is probably the best choice. More →

Cheap or Reliable Colocation Service? Motivation for decision making.

Solid companies need large-scaled sites to provide clients with full information about company’s activities and services. Usually such companies have cutting-edge servers, but have no time for own datacenter organization. In fact, there is no need to organize own server room that satisfies all the requirements – it is much easier to find a reliable colocation. It means that hosting company provides a customer with special server place in racks located in fully-equipped data center; in addition, the hosting company is obligated to provide uninterrupted power supply, security and access to the worldwide network. Of course, it is not for free.

Reliable or cheap colocation – what is more beneficial?

First of all, critics of cheap service are of the opinion that it is never protected against such dangerous things as server disrepair or hacker attacks. In addition, it could suddenly turn out that technical support is not round-the-clock or you have to overpay for it. More →

European colocation tips

It should be noted that the demand for colocation service has appreciably increased recent years. Large hosting companies around the world offer a customers’ equipment placement in their data centers. However, it should be observed that European colocation services are much cheaper. This significant factor coupled with guaranteed professional technical support compels many professional webmasters to use services offered by foreign host companies.

Ultra-modern and environmentally safe European datacenters satisfying all inexorable requirements will become a reliable storage for your web projects. More →

When choosing managed colocation?

Colocation is a hosting package which provides a customer’s server placement in ISP’s datacenter. Colocation service is in strong demand among those customers whose servers require a robust connection and have to run round-the-clock, power outages and connection troubles regardless. It is also indispensable to stable operation of ‘heavy’ content projects. Besides, you should think about transporting your servers into a specialized data center in following cases:

  • If the company has several remote offices connected via the Internet. Usually servers with enterprise information systems are located at the head office. In case of the Internet disconnection or power failure in the head office, all other branch offices lose access to the enterprise server resources, and that adversely affects the continuity of the business. Such a situation can be avoided by placing servers in the data center where the equipment is protected against power outages and the Internet disruptions due to the use of reserve channels. More →

What does server colocation mean?

Colocation server hosting  the essence of which is that a host company places a customer’s equipment on its territory (i.e. in data center) and provides a high bandwidth connection. Such a placement can help to significantly save on communication channel establishment from a web hosting provider to a customer. Usually such service is used for placing of those machines which are destined to maintain a very large web projects and other network services characterized by a huge traffic. It is also used for placing equipment requiring a reliable access from several remote points. For instance, it may be used for heavy-duty servers, IP-telephony gateways or VPN-concentrators placement.

In such a case, a customer’s machine is located in provider’s colocation data centers, and then it is mounted in a special rack and connected to the Internet channels of high speed and bandwidth. The customer must not necessarily bring to provider a whole physical server; sometimes individual components such as CPU, RAM, etc., may be brought. More →