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Cloud Native Today: Basic Cloud Business Models

Virtual infrastructure availability predetermined rapid emergence of cutting-edge business models, which we are going to discuss in this article.

For the last few years, the word ‘cloud’ accompanies each and every popular service or app description. Despite such aggressive marketing, cloud stacks and innovative platforms based on them have changed really many things in the way modern companies work. Here we are going to familiarize you with the most widespread Cloud Native approaches. More →

Main cloud server advantages

Recently, more and more attention is drawn to cloud hosting. This is one of cutting-edge technologies gradually mastered by hosters. Nevertheless, the majority of people does not fully understand what such kind of hosting actually is, that is why there are so many misconceptions concerning its functionality.

At present, cloud servers are subdivided into two types – private and public. Private server presupposes the availability of own data center, while public one is fully open to the general public so that anyone can get the data. More →

Pros and Cons of Cloud VPS Hosting

Cloud Hosting Basic information:

Cloud services did not make great progress until recently, thus, they were available only to advanced users. Nowadays, due to Global Network wide spread occurrence, this technology is easily accessible to beginners just like to professionals.

Host service is one of the most called-for services on the Internet. Until recently webhost was subdivided into three types: dedicated server (separate machine), VPS (virtual private server), and virtual host (a great number of sites allocated on the one server). Today cloud host actively supplants the other three types. More →

Cloud server benefits for a small business

Several years ago small startup companies could not provide their experts with such essential tools of business problems solving as Internet access or own website. Nowadays it is impossible to imagine an isolated modern company that excellently and stably develops not depending on information technology. Cloud servers make it possible to equalize IT opportunities for both small and large companies; that is the reason why it is a perfect option for start-up companies.

Cloud service is convenient and popular as well as very profitable for business. Such service is particularly attractive for small business, when there is no money and need to keep bulky software for solving various problems and technical staff to support it. Now, let’s examine cloud service advantages in detail. More →