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5 Effective Content Formats for Your Blog

Basic content strategy helps you keep your head above water. In these articles, we discuss how to make your life easier with a smart content plan for your blog. Sometimes, it may turn out that format change makes your content play with new colours. Previously, we’ve offered you a list of 5 tasks your content must cope with. Here, we are going to take a look at useful formats of content suitable for different tasks. More →

How to Prepare a Blog Article for Publication: Working With Text

Have you hired a skilled copywriter for creating effective texts? Great, but this is only half the battle as finished articles have to be “fully packaged”: this includes proofreading and editing the text, adding images, writing messages and liners for social networks, etc.

In this series, we will go through all stages of raw material processing and show you what tools and approaches can help you not to waste useful content. The first chapter is devoted to working with the text itself. More →

Why and How to Survey Your Website Visitors

Various sociological studies have always been in demand. In this article, we will discuss how to improve your site or blog by means of surveys. First, why is it this important to pay close attention to public opinion? Conducting surveys helps to portrait the audience of your site, identify its vivid interests and problems, and find out wishes and preferences of your visitors. More →

Bad Blogging Habits

In this article, we offer you to become familiar with the most common bad habits bloggers have and some tips to break these habits off.  Try to avoid making such mistakes:

  1. Information is presented in a too complex way. When you write an article on a well examined topic, remember that your readers may not be as well informed on this issue as you. So try to write articles in a simple way using common vocabulary or wide explanations to keep a text clear to general audience. More →

Golden Rules of Blogger

Commercial blogging is quite a complex implementation of creative ideas, as it should be kept within strict bounds of marketing and company ethics. There are few golden rules to make your blog popular.

  • Creativity. Try to suggest new ideas, and do not be afraid to destroy the common truth. Surprise your visitors! Today, nothing is appreciated as sincerely as individuality.
  • The ability to acquire friends. It is really important to maintain contact with your visitors (discuss your content, give a response to comments, etc.). Your readers want to be sure you are not a soulless machine, but sincere, friendly and skilled person. More →

How to Secure WordPress Blog

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms, so it constantly becomes a target of hackers who find and exploit its vulnerabilities. In case your blog is hacked, you may lose content, data, as well as precious time of site operation. Taking care of blog security you can guard your reputation and provide visitors with the highest level of service. Unfortunately, most users think about safety precautions too late. In fact, you can protect your blog with just a few simple steps.

  1. Remove the default login. Hackers are looking for blogs whose owners use default WordPress login as it is a half of information needed to crack the blog. Using the username «Admin», you save a lot of attackers’ time – all they have to do is just to guess your password. More →

How to improve your blog

Blogging these days is a Herculean task. The world of blogging is a separate universe packed with terrifying number of participants. That’s why making a blog popular is not an easy job to do, but there are ways to reach desirable result. This article covers several ways to improve your blog to advanced level.

  • Make your blog multi-topic using indirectly linked subjects. On the Internet there is a stereotype that the blog should be strictly thematic. But this is not really true. Of course you can put all your eggs in one basket, but sooner or later you can write yourself out. Choose several topics connected in an oblique way. More →