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How to Protect Your Site from Hacking and Infection

When it comes to hacking no website is absolutely safe. It may have dire consequences: website performance decrease, valuable information loss, content blocking, password theft, etc. To minimize the risks, it is important to ensure the security of the server, hosting and the computer from which the admin panel is accessed. If you want to learn how to do this, please read our new article.

We offer you a number of recommendations to minimize the risk of site hacking. More →

Why is it important to Back up your site?

Imagine a situation: every single day you toil and moil over your site or blog, add new content, refine the design, and suddenly at some instant all your work done fails because of:

-       unintended deletion or modification of the file;

-       failed update of your favorite CMS;

-       uploading wrong or old files to your website home dir; More →

Important tips to know about WordPress update process

Instructions on how to update your WordPress site using FTP mode:

  1. Open public_html folder using FTP mode.  That is the root directory where wordpress CMS was installed.
  2. Pre-make a fresh copy of the database.
  3. Make a backup of all the files located in the root directory in the event if something goes wrong. As “WP-Content” folder can contain a lot of graphics and large files, as well as your current theme and customized plug-ins, it may remain uncopied. Remove the folder  “wp-admin” containing the old version files and fill up with a fresh version in the same place in root directory (new version can be found on the official site).
  4. Delete this folder and refill it up as “wp-includes”. More →