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How to cut the budget for contextual advertising without traffic loss

Contextual advertising is one of the most effective and fastest ways to attract customers to your website and improve conversion rates. Despite that fact, many marketers believe that contextual ad is too expensive, especially if the purpose of your targeting are highly competitive keywords and your competitors are large companies. Many business owners give up contextual advertising on the step of calculating budget for keywords. However, there are other options. More →

Mobile Ads: Effective, Not Irritable

Mobile promotion is one of the most promising areas of advertising. Still, this type of advertising has a number of specific features that must be considered. You should understand that mobile promotion is a just that very kind of ad that requires special attention to user convenience, as user’s actions are limited with a small screen.

All advertising is partly annoying people, especially when you cannot get rid of it, remove or close it. We offer a list of tips to make the mobile ads comfortable for the user and profitable for the advertiser: More →

How to Use Social Media Marketing Effectively

If you know what your consumers really want, then social media can help you promote your brand.

One of the main problems is that many marketers do not realize the true value of SMM. They perceive social networks as a tool for increasing sales, while it is primarily a platform for building good relations with existing and potential customers. Moreover, social networks are More →