Social Media Marketing: Effective Tools and Mechanisms

Some fundamental ideas of SMM were discussed in our previous article. Here, we offer you some tools and mechanisms to increase traffic and sells through SMM.

The main tools are divided into three classes: white, gray and black. The last two categories are not used by professionals as they only lower the competitiveness of the brand and give your business rivals more opportunities to play against you. If you want everything to be fair, you will need cash infusions, otherwise it does not make sense to start the campaign.

The most popular in SMM is advertising in communities or private promoted accounts, as well as targeting. Specifically the second option has many pros now. It allows you to attract only certain people without viral mechanisms and hard sell. Its main con is the high cost.

Conducting contests and giveaway is also frequently used method. Next on the list is the SEO: the task of SEO specialist is to select relevant keywords so that you can be found quickly, even by search robots.

Do not underestimate crowd marketing. But note that it must be carefully and properly thought out. The main thing is not to “spam” in the comments, but to do everything naturally and by chance.

Bots and mass following belong to the dark side. They are only used in case financing is minimum. The rest belongs to illegal methods, so we not consider them.

The next article of this series is devoted to fundamental SMM strategies and steps to increase sells.