Social Media Marketing: Core Strategy to Drive Traffic and Sales

Earlier we’ve discussed basic ideas, methods and tools of social media marketing. Now we are going to learn essential steps of creating effective SMM strategy.

1. Determine the main goals. Like any other PR campaign, promotion in social networks begins with setting goals. It is a mistake to believe that SMM is aimed only at collecting subscribers. Inactive and disinterested audience is not useful. In addition, with this approach most accounts will be ordinary bots, thus it will be impossible to sell the product.

2. Choose social media. An experienced SMM manager knows how to work with one or another tool and can tell you which social network is suitable for a specific project. But you cannot immediately guess what will give the maximum effect – so tests are obligatory. First of all, you have to determine the target audience for a specific niche. Here, following factors are taken into account:

  • Sex;
  • Age;
  • Place of residence;
  • Interests.

Be sure to consider the above features not to carry out a lot of useless actions.

SMM on Instagram has already won the top positions. But the strategy needs to be developed more carefully, because Instagram is mainly focused on nice and catchy photos, as well as short videos. Therefore, the description must be short, meaningful and catchy, too. Pay attention to hashtags.

3. Create top content. Without competent texts and images all efforts and costs will be in vain. Remember that the ultimate goal is to stimulate a purchase or ordering a service. The decision must come from visitors themselves. Here some tips to achieve the result:

  • Branding. All content, whether it is a commercial image or video, should be recognizable. Use your individual logo.
  • Catchy design. The design should grab visitor’s attention Specialists work with various tools to make the post look professional.
  • Selling text. No need to clutter your community up with long articles. Brief content is enough. In case you want to present the maximum amount of information, then redirect the user to a corporate blog or to the expanded news on the site.
  • Offer training or some useful tricks.
  • Open the comments.

All promotion on network is useless unless tactics on all stages are properly thought out. Of course, there are some adjustments on the go, but initially you need to submit the base to the customers.