Social Media Marketing: Basic Benefits and Approaches

Today, successful business cannot do it without promotion in social networks, as this is where most of the potential consumers live. SMM is not a new trend, but rather an obligatory attribute of an advertising campaign. Ignoring such a tool is losing the lion’s share of the audience. In this article we discuss SMM fundamentals.

It seems that there is nothing easier than SMM: you just create community on social network, fill it with various memes and useful articles and mention the promoted product as often as possible. In fact, this approach will leave you on the rating’s bottom, and your efforts will be appreciated just by friends and cronies. Usually it is better to find a competent specialist who knows PR and SMM in and out.

Social media marketing allows you to establish closer ties with potential customers. Unique products that have no analogues are a thing of the past. In competition age, you must offer your customers something in return in order to stay afloat. The main task of the advertiser is to attract as many subscribers as possible, and also to transform followers into customers. Three tools are used for this:

  • Entertainment;
  • Communication;
  • Information distribution.

This is the way informal relationships can be maintained. These methods also help to create positive brand reputation. And in this case, it is not at all necessary to offer supernatural products, drawing audience’s attention is enough.

SMM promotion has several advantages:

  • Relatively low financial costs;
  • Extensive coverage;
  • Soft sell;
  • Viral effect.

But this method is famous for not only communication and gaining trust, but also for increasing sells and traffic. We will describe basic SMM algorithm in the next article.