Sales Basics: What Are Leads and How to Get Them?

In this article series we are going to discuss sales fundamental concepts and ideas.

Lead is an appeal to the company. Lidgen (or lead generation) is a way to get leads, that is, some kind of incoming flow. The task of leads is to turn into a deal. And the deal is getting money from the client for the services they get.

Lead channels are divided into active and passive. Active channels of getting leads are:

  • Cold calling (How effective is it in e-commerce? The answer may be different depending on what stage your company is at. It may be ok while working in the low price segment. When switching to a higher segment, such calls usually become ineffective).
  • Cold meeting .
  • Direct mail (It is aimed at finding the specific company which you want to work with. It means you have to find contacts of decision makers, write them and start communicating).

Any of active channels is quite complicated and expensive. Moreover, active channels operate with different success depending on agency development stage and price segment. It is necessary to run check-ups or adopt the experience of colleagues.

Passive channels carry those clients who come to you themselves. These channels include:

  • Marketing and promotion (works well if the market of your service is not oversaturated).
  • Affiliate programs (this allows you to save on your own marketing and may be interesting to regional agencies).
  • Aggregators, freelance exchanges, tender platforms (these channels accumulate an audience that is independently seeking services. Unlike affiliate programs, it provides a large number of non-targeted leads).
  • Word of mouth.
  • contests, exhibitions, awards and events (thoroughly organized events can give good lead growth).

All passive channels of receiving leads are based on expertness. You should try some of them, experiment and choose the one that gives you more leads.