Reasons to use Magento

Today e-commerce is attracting a growing number of people. Due to the Internet popularity, developing companies can safely withstand competition with larger and more successful ones. Selling goods online gives you the opportunity to minimize costs, expand into new markets, and attract more consumers.

But first it is necessary to supply the process of site development. Of course, this task is directly linked with software. Magento e-commerce system is one of the best boxed solutions in such a case. Magento is a completely free open source CMS specifically designed for online store development and support. Nowadays it is one of the most popular e-commerce engines in the world due to its flexible functions, namely:

  • ability to create multiple online stores and manage them through single system;
  • the use of multiple currencies (you can use several currencies and easily convert them);
  • the ability to add categories and sub-categories of goods (Magento allows to add multiple photos and specific characteristics of the product, as well as bind similar items by price and characteristics);
  • flexible price management (you can assign special rates to certain groups of users, give regular customers a discount, or reduce the price for a certain period of time);
  • the ability to organize promotion programs (e.g. free items or free shipping in case of purchase; you can even choose a unique design for such pages);
  • access to html code (you can add tags and keywords for each product or category);
  • various reports (effective marketing tools can gather statistics, monitor the concern of customers, shopping cart, reviews, search, wishlists, tags and so on);
  • Access Control System.

As you can see, Magento is a very flexible and effective engine for online store development which has many advanced features.