What Is Hidden In the Crowd: a Few Crowd Marketing Tips

Crowd marketing is an Internet technology of advertising goods or brands through recommendations and customer reviews published on thematic forums, blogs and portals.

Such comments and reviews may (or may not) contain a backlink to the site. This type of advertising comes from ordinary users of forums, question-answer services, etc., who tell a story about particular goods/service/company. A user can also be a topic starter and More →

How to Conduct Usability Audit: Tips and Tricks

Usability of a site is a degree of its convenience for users. If a site has a good usability, a person will quickly receive the necessary information and perform the targeted action. To understand how comfortable your site is, you need to audit its usability. Here, you can learn how to do it.

Usability audit is needed in at least three cases: More →

Conversion tips: how to turn visitors into customers

Attracting visitors to the site is only half the battle. It is important to keep people and motivate them to perform the targeted action (buy the product, order the service, pay for the subscription, install the application, etc.). If you are planning to invest in advertising, first analyze your website and marketing strategy: can they provide sufficient conversion? Do not know what to look for in the analysis? We will tell you what is important to consider for turning visitors into customers. More →

What are branded keywords?

Branded keywords are search queries that consist of the name of the brand or company without any clarification. Mercedes, Chanel, Sony and other similar requests are referred as branded keywords.

Search engines cannot accurately determine for what purpose the user makes such a request. A person may want to buy a Mercedes, find the nearest dealer, read the history of the brand or just watch photos. Therefore, some search engines seek to display More →

How to Find Keywords for LSI Core?

To begin with, LSI phrases can be divided into two categories: synonymous and related. The first group of words allows to avoid numerous repetitions of the keyword through the text, the second one helps to reveal its topic. We can assume that LSI phrases will be low-frequency requests, but this is not entirely true. There may be words and phrases of different frequency among them.

Let’s look at some free ways to construct the LSI semantic core. More →

What Is Latent Semantic Indexing and How to Use It?

The term LSI (latent semantic indexing) appeared with Panda algorithm launch, but it gained popularity just after Google’s breakthrough in the field of semantic search and the launch of the Hummingbird algorithm. Due to this search engine began to evaluate the relevance of the content not only on the basis of the keyword occurrence, but rather More →

What is viral marketing and how to apply it to your business?

While some advertisers budget lots of money, others successfully run advertising campaigns with minimal losses of time and money. How do they do it? The secret is simple: they managed to create a unique advertising product, which became so popular that users of social networks spread it on the Internet themselves. This technique of advertising distribution is called viral marketing. More →