What Is Anchor Link and How to Use It in Website Promotion?

Links are one of the fundamental factors of site ranking in SERP. Each link has its own anchor: this is the text users see. Ideally, it should be clear from that text where this or that link leads. Key phrases are used as anchors. Everything seems to be simple, but in writing anchors there are some nuances that can reduce the progress.

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What Are Breadcrumbs And How Do They Improve Your Site?

Breadcrumbs are a navigation chain on the site that shows the path from the current page back to the home page. They were first used in file managers such as Norton Commander and showed the path to the root folder. Why do people use this duplicate navigation on the site? How does it affect usability? How to implement it? Find answers to the most popular questions about breadcrumbs in our new article. More →

Shopping Cart Usability Analysis

According to statistics, about 80% of shopping cart conversions do not end with purchases. Such a high bounce rate has many reasons: some people are not ready to make an order right now and postpone it, someone finds the delivery too expensive, other customers need more information about the product they are looking for, etc. Thoroughly thought out shopping cart that offers information and assistance can reduce the bounce rate.

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