How to Make a Good 404 Page

Each user has got a 404 error at least once. As a rule, people immediately leave 404 error page. But if you are the owner of the site, you do not want the visitors you spend money and time to attract just leave. What to do? It is important to correctly configure and design the page that is not found, so that traffic remains on the site. In this article we will discuss how to do this. More →

How does HTTP protocol work?

We write about site optimization a lot, but we rarely discuss technical issues. In the meantime, they are important: a basic understanding of how everything ‘inside’ the site is arranged and how search engines and web resources communicate clarifies the need for some optimization aspects. Today we will try to put a complex topic simple.   More →

Moving To a New Domain: a Handout for Beginners

Moving to a new domain is always associated with a number of difficulties. Firstly, you need to transfer the files and the database so that the site works without interruption. Secondly, it is necessary to carry out a number of actions aimed traffic and ranking maintenance. Experienced specialists can perform this operation in their sleep. But first-time webmasters have a lot of questions – and we try to address them in our article. More →

Home Page Optimization Tips: What to Pay Attention to

Each site has its own requirements for the home page depending on the purpose and subject. Nevertheless, there are general optimization tips, and we will discuss them today.

Start with setting goals: who are a target audience of your site and what tasks it should handle. The home page is the front door, and users should quickly understand the topic of the site and More →