How to Increase Your Online Sales

Well written texts for e-commerce site can increase search engine traffic and conversion rate which definitely exert positive influence upon your sales. This article brings to your attention some tips on writing texts for a commercial site.

  1. Pay attention to the formatting. Users tend to flick through the page not filling in details. That is why a good website should combine lists and paragraphs. Lists allow to highlight the main features of a product in a brief and understandable way. In paragraphs, a bright description of goods can be placed. More →

GHOST vulnerability threatens popular Linux distributions

On January 27, 2015, Linux world was struck by critical vulnerability called GHOST. The bug exists in GNU C Library (or Glibc) functions gethostbyname and gethostbyname2 starting from glibc-2.2 version released in 2000; it was fixed in glibc-2.18 version released in May 2013, therefore, only LTS distributions are vulnerable:

  • Ubuntu 12.04,
  • Debian 7,
  • RHEL 6 and 7,
  • CentOS 6 and 7.

Note: other libc implementations (such as uclibc, musl) are not vulnerable to GHOST. More →

5 Ways to Improve Conversion Rate

Many marketing experts fail to realize that a website is not a book cover, but rather a kind of user impression: people enter into interaction with your site visiting it. Thus, ‘make it nice’ is definitely not the only problem of site developers and web-designers. Fortunately, today there is a range of eye-tracking studies, which can tell you about how customers see your site in actual fact. In this article, the results of several studies are summarized.

  • Headers are extremely important. How well does your headline reflect your company’s concept or services? Research has shown that users pay more attention to headlines than to images. According to actual fact, effective headings have to attract user’s attention for one second. So this is essential to explain the essence of your proposal as briefly and clearly as possible. It also means that the headers should stand out sharply on the page and make people read more. More →
  • How to improve your blog

    Blogging these days is a Herculean task. The world of blogging is a separate universe packed with terrifying number of participants. That’s why making a blog popular is not an easy job to do, but there are ways to reach desirable result. This article covers several ways to improve your blog to advanced level.

    • Make your blog multi-topic using indirectly linked subjects. On the Internet there is a stereotype that the blog should be strictly thematic. But this is not really true. Of course you can put all your eggs in one basket, but sooner or later you can write yourself out. Choose several topics connected in an oblique way. More →

    How Color Influences Landing Page Conversion

    As a rule, designers are guided by the brand logo or just by personal taste while creating a landing page. However, the most attractive landing pages are created in a completely different way. In fact, successful internet marketers advise to use color theory to clearly state the page objectives. The point is that the visual impact is largely determined by the color and color combinations used on the page that can cause various emotional reactions.

    In the digital age, the importance of color theory has increased significantly. When users visit the site they usually make a decision during first few seconds. So if the site pages look either too neutral, or too aggressive, the visitor will most likely leave the site. That’s why effective landing pages are this important to e-commerce success: More →

    What is the first screen: myths and findings

    The first screen is the part of the web page that is visible to a user at first boot without additional scrolling. The concept of the first screen lies in the idea that any content located here is much more effective than content placed below so the user has to scroll down or aside to see it. Thus, all the most important content as well as elements that define your brand (like logo, navigation menu, links to social network pages, search, etc.) must be located here. Nevertheless, as is reported by professionals, this concept is just a myth. In this article we are going to explode this myth and give some tips that will ensure viewing the content placed below the first screen.

    Over the last few years, US experts examined data on more than 800 tests, and the first screen became a barrier separating content from the visitors just in three cases. More →

    How to Start Successful Blog about Anything

    Blogging has become an integral part of online business promotion. Smartly written blog provides a lot of additional features to attract potential customers. But how to make a blog get the expected traffic? It turns out that it must have several key elements to be successful.

    To begin, define the purposes. A good blog has the following functions:

    • it serves as a communication channel regularly providing the most relevant information;
    • it increases customer base and sales; More →

    E-Commerce Website Content Writing Tips

    Nothing raises so many questions and indignations as a badly written text of the site. Unfortunately, most site owners associate the quality of content exceptionally with text uniqueness, despite the fact that sometimes information provided in such texts is not really valid. In short, the uniqueness is valued much higher than the content of the text. A large amount of such texts discourages visitors, spoils the reputation of the site in potential customer’s eyes, and even leads to the risk of pessimization. This article describes the basic principles to be followed by site owners during the e-commerce content preparation. More →

    How to Improve Page Loading Speed

    It is no secret that the page loading speed strongly affects many factors. Everyone knows this old truth: the faster your site loads the more visitors you can get. But today the fact whether the visitor waits until the site uploads or not is not the only important thing you have to keep in mind. The whole point is that many modern search engines consider the loading speed while ranking sites, so it can deeply influence your site’s search performance. This article contains some tips on how to increase the loading speed of web pages and the whole site. More →