Managed VPS – tips to know

So called managed hosting is a popular tendency appeared in the web service industry almost simultaneously with virtual private servers. These servers suffer from one grave shortcoming – a person needs to have appropriate skills and plenty of time on its administration. The point is that inexperienced users often face severe difficulties concerning technical management of virtual servers; therefore host providers offer such additional services as monitoring and notifications sending, storage and database administration, security and load balancing. Thus, managed web host is an optimal decision for unpracticed web-developers.

Looking for reliable managed host provider, a beginner has to know some important points. First of all, you should pay attention if host company provides system management services that are used on a virtual hosting the most frequently, viz. security, firewalls, monitoring, notifications, and data backup.

Furthermore, a reliable managed host provider should be possessed of following features:

  1. Quality and fast technical support. There is a good way to test the support offered by the provider. Send an e-mail before ordering services. Fast and instructive response indicates high quality of the service offered by this ISP.
  2. Freedom of choice. The maximum freedom of choice from the wide range of required services is one of the weightiest points. Reliable provider should allow choosing what services are required and what are not.  A possibility to pay monthly is a huge advantage as it can help you avoid expensive annual contracts.
  3. Fast and robust connection. You have to know the type of server connection to the Internet. Most probably you can find this information on the provider’s site. Also find out where the network operations center (NOC) is located. It is advisable to prefer providers whose NOC is situated in Europe as European host is considered to be the most reliable in the world.
  4. Competitive capacity. Conduct your own research. Each provider offers a variety of management services. You may find out one provider can offer attractive services, while the other cannot. Of course, the more providers offer server management, the faster competition in this market grows, so the server management becomes more accessible bringing more fair prices and a larger number of services.
  5. The main shortcoming of the managed VPS is its price. In point of fact you pay for technical knowledge of the company on a permanent basis.