Instagram in a Nutshell: How to Find Key Opinion Leaders?

Before you start searching for bloggers, look at your target audience portrait again, and also analyze the budget you are ready to allocate for advertising with the help of opinion leaders. If the budget is small, it is better to pay attention to bloggers with 20-40 thousand subscribers. Probably, you can work on a barter basis: you send them your goods, and they make a review on Instagram – stories or post in their profile. If you have more money, then you can safely order advertising from top bloggers with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Anyway, the following factors should be taken into account: geography, audience, involvement (this indicator should be at least 4-5%) and the number of subscribers. Of course, it can be difficult to find bloggers to advertise some products. Still, nothing is impossible.

Here is how you can find a blogger on Instagram:

  • Manually. On the one hand, it is the simplest method, and on the other hand – the most time-consuming one. You should find or just remember a couple of top bloggers related to your topics. Click on the triangle near the Subscribe button, and Instagram suggests you similar accounts. In addition, bloggers often communicate with each other, so you can also find some useful references in posts and subscriptions.
  • With the help of your competitors. Look at bloggers promoting your competitors, find their accounts and, if they fit the criteria you have set, offer them collaboration with your brand.
  • Using the specific services. Today, there are convenient services to search for bloggers. Such services collect a large number of profiles that can be filtered by opinion leaders’ location and occupation.