Instagram in a Nutshell: How to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Opinion Leader Promotion?

When the desired profile is found, look at the number of subscribers, the ratio of subscribers and likes, and the number of comments. Check out a couple of posts to see if there are any bots, pay attention to the general view and the quality of the content. If it is ok at first glance, message the blogger and ask for the account statistics and the price.

This is what should be discussed in advance:

  • The format of the content that the blogger generates. If you work on a paid basis, you can immediately choose what a blogger will post on their page – posts, video, product review in a stories or just a screen of your profile with an active link. Working on a barter basis is a fuzzy concept, therefore you should clarify business arrangements in advance.
  • Timing. Some bloggers charge extra money for the exact date or urgent publication. You should negotiate the approximate time when the blogger will publish your post.
  • The message the blogger has to convey to the subscribers. For example, you offer an end-of-season sale or add a new service and want to notify subscribers about it. You can also focus on a specific category of goods or benefits of your brand.

There are several ways you can evaluate the effectiveness of cooperation with the opinion leader:

  • Native Instagram analytics. First, compare the number of subscribers before the post and a day after its publication. Second, open the statistics and look at the scope and number of actions performed in the profile. Also do not forget to check the Direct.
  • Google Analytics. It is very important, especially if the goal of Instagram promotion is not just direct sales through the social network, but attracting traffic to the site.
  • Promo code. Offer a unique promotional code that gives user a small discount and ask the blogger to mention it in the post or stories. This is how you can track who made an order due to influencer’s promotion.

Note that consistency is essential in collaborating with bloggers. Even if the coolest blogger advertises your brand, the effect is still short-term. It is necessary to periodically promote a brand with different bloggers. First of all, you attract new subscribers. Second, the more often the name of your brand flashes, the more recognizable it is.