Instagram in a Nutshell: Benefits of Promoting Your Brand Here

All famous brands developing offline over the years create their pages on social networks today. In fact, many of them lay an emphasis on Instagram, because it is intuitive and clear to users all over the world, and advertising here is as native as possible. Nowadays Instagram is becoming more and more popular in promoting goods and services.

For quite a long time, brands have expanded their audience through the use of mass following services – programs that subscribe to users according to specified parameters. But many of them lost their effectiveness after Instagram and Facebook API updates. Now such services are behind times. Thus far, there are two main ways to attract leads – targeted advertising and promoting with the help of influencers and opinion leaders. In this series, we will examine all the advantages and pitfalls of the second method.

Here are three reasons why you should advertise your products and services with Instagram bloggers:

  • The trust. Opinion leaders are called that way specifically because people heed their advice and recommendations. Yes, many users understand that the post is actually an ad. But at the same time, people trust what bloggers say, and besides, their words are usually supported by some visual content (photos or video review of the product) and personal experience.
  • The content. First and foremost, Instagram is a beautiful picture. Texts are important, but even the most profound text simply passes unheeded by users if pictures are of a poor quality and composition. Most popular bloggers have their own attractive visual style.
  • The audience. Usually Instagram bloggers focus on a few basic topics. Accordingly, their subscribers are people who are interested in these topics. So if a blog is dedicated to traveling, and you sell backpacks, then you can safely order advertising here.

So, you decide to order ads from bloggers. Now you need to find the appropriate profiles.