Important tips to know about WordPress update process

Instructions on how to update your WordPress site using FTP mode:

  1. Open public_html folder using FTP mode.  That is the root directory where wordpress CMS was installed.
  2. Pre-make a fresh copy of the database.
  3. Make a backup of all the files located in the root directory in the event if something goes wrong. As “WP-Content” folder can contain a lot of graphics and large files, as well as your current theme and customized plug-ins, it may remain uncopied. Remove the folder  “wp-admin” containing the old version files and fill up with a fresh version in the same place in root directory (new version can be found on the official site).
  4. Delete this folder and refill it up as “wp-includes”.
  5. Delete all php files from root directory, except verification scripts for search engines, error logs and file “wp-config”, as it contains information about the site database and its main user. Upload there the files from the new version as well.
  6. Open your website in the browser. WordPress will ask you to update the database after the upgrade procedure. Click “upgrade”, and a new version starts functioning promptly. Run the admin panel then and check all major functions operability. Check site categories and plug-ins operation as well. In case some function does not work – look for a failure cause; perhaps in this version plug-ins should be updated.
  7. If something went wrong – restore your premade backups.

Congratulations! Now you have the latest WordPress version!