How to Use Fonts Effectively

Taking into account the number of available fonts, the selection of fonts is very time consuming and pretty complicated process, in which you should always be guided by the style of your web project.

First, you need to choose the main font that will be used in the body of the site. It should be simple and readable. In addition, the font you selected should have a variety of styles. This provides high flexibility of use.

Second, you definitely need to choose one more font you can use in some headlines. There are no specific rules, but experienced designers recommend choosing a font that differs from the main one.

Third, you must add another font in the design, if you want to emphasize some elements of the text. In this case, try handwriting and decorative fonts.

Here are some short tips for using fonts:

  • Do not use too many fonts; three different fonts is enough.
  • Note that the more fonts you use the more time it takes to load the page.
  • Avoid using incompatible combinations of fonts: it may look carelessly and even aggressive.
  • Your site should be easy to read, so do not mix lots of fonts: it will be a challenging task for visitors to focus on reading content.