How to Prepare a Blog Article for Publication: Formatting Text and Creating Graphics

In the previous article, we’ve discussed the methods and tools you can use to check and improve texts for your blog. The next steps are related to text composition and graphics.

The main rule for preparing the text for the layout: the text should be comfortable to work with. Therefore, you should form the set of rules for the preparation of the materials with your designer or coder. Here is the short list of what should be discussed:

  • The storage. E. g., the content could be held in a folder on Google Drive, in a separate folder for each article. You can simply grant access with no need to share the document.
  • General requirements. Explain what content should be prepared for the layout: text, pictures, covers for a site and content for social networks, headings and tags, etc. It is a good practice to collect all rules into one paper.
  • General procedure: discuss what tools and programs to use, how to arrange the page layout etc.

One more important rule: the text should be accurate. No extra HTML markup occasionally added while copying the text from other documents or sites, no odd fonts or punctuation marks, etc.

As for adjusting images, there are several simple rules too.

  • Always make a full set of necessary pictures. For each article, a separate pack of illustrations could be prepared. This includes, for instance, the thumbnail for the main page, the background cover and repost images for social networks.
  • Use the proper size. Otherwise, social networks can most unpredictably cut and spoil the pictures.
  • Keep the general style. The tiniest requirement is to maintain a common width of illustrations in the text. Here, the optimal size should also be maintained.