How to Create Breadcrumbs for Your Site

In previous article we discussed what breadcrumbs mean in web design and how they can improve your site. This time we offer you several tips on creating effective breadcrumbs.

You can create a navigation chain in many ways: using PHP, CSS, plug-ins for popular CMS, etc. Whatever method you choose, follow these tips:

  • First of all, bread crumbs are created for site visitors’ convenience, so use them just if they really are helpful. You do not have to add them to each site: for example, single-page sites are fine without breadcrumbs.
  • This is not a replacement for the main menu, just an auxiliary navigation tool.
  • Do not specifically customize text anchors in navigation links to key phrases; the only exception is if key phrases fit harmoniously into the logic of navigation.
  • If you use linear navigation, describe the whole way of a user to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.
  • Remove circular references: the last element of the navigation chain should not be clickable, it should be written as a simple text.
  • If you use breadcrumbs, place them on the same part of each page.

Breadcrumbs are very important navigation element that enhances usability of the site. They can help users navigate through the site and go to the desired section just in one click. As a result, it can positively influence behavioral indicators and conversion. However, it could take opposite effect, if you make mistakes in breadcrumbs implementation.